Sunday, July 15, 2007


This week a very kind person offered to give us a PRO account on Flickr. While tremendously honored, I, nonetheless, had to turn it down. As I understand it, a pro account allows for a higher volume of pictures to be posted. Unfortunately, we have very few pictures and not a lot of opportunity to take more. My wife is both low libido and rather shy. She hates having attention of any kind, and especially a camera, pointed in her direction.

One of the few things that does tend to play a part in the moments when she becomes more adventurous is gifts. It is not that she is shallow or overly materialistic - she is not at all. I suspect that there may be some sort of biological aspect of the connection between women being given gifts and their libido. A biochemical component of women getting gifts and becoming horny would explain a good deal in history and in life, including the first occupation. This would make sense on several levels. Most animal mating rituals equate to the male showing the female that he is the best provider or protector - with humans that equates to money or gifts.

From the archives of my own experience, I can relate a couple of fun experiences. I am always trying to get my wife to connect with other men. There are two primary reasons for this. For her, she connected with me when she was a seventeen-year-old virgin and missed out on the sexual exploration of a young single life. For me, I deal with rejection issues and this is the odd counterintuitive way that we are given to do it.

But the point here is, to put it bluntly, gift giving and putting out. About 15 years ago my wife wanted us to take a vacation that we could not really afford. I suggested that I would do it if she would sleep with a friend that we would be visiting. She shocked me by agreeing. This conversation took place in the car, and 15 years later I can tell you the exact location of where we were when she said that.

Another time we were on vacation, visiting a friend, who was taking us out to a nice restaurant. On the way to the restaurant I convinced my wife to stop at a little boutique and pick out something a little sexier than what she had on. We found a nice dress that clung appealingly to her fit body and was somewhat low cut. Through dinner I noticed that the top was becoming looser. Soon her breasts were visible to anyone walking by and our friend and I were gazing as openly at her breasts as if they were a painting in a museum. Most amazingly she did not cross her arms and cover up as she usually does when she is wear something even slightly revealing. No doubt the wine had a lot to do with this as did the fact that we were on vacation, which is a mixture of relaxation and spending money. But I am convinced that my wife was more unabashed than she has ever been partly because someone was buying her an expensive dinner and expensive wine.

In a sense I am suggesting that perhaps all women are whores. Certainly I’m not the first to consider such a hypothesis, though I hope that my suggestion may be a little less crass than some.
Obviously, I am making this statement based on the very narrow data set of my own experience, which is completely confounded by my own wishful thinking. Do others know of research that may have explored this question? I will be thinking of additional research to do on my own.