Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sex Magic

As I tend to be overly abstract and could (and will) go on with the axioms of Expanded Intimacy (EI), my goal here is to bring together the erudite and the perverted, the sentimental and the rational, the objective and the spiritual. So let us turn this discussion to the carnival of our sexuality.

Though I am not much of a New Ager, I will say that sex has a rather magical quality about. Sex can be a conduit like no other in facilitating human transcendence. Sartre said that “true” transcendence was only possible at the moment of mutual orgasm, when two people are totally open and vulnerable. While I find the concept of “true” transcendence to be a bit too absolute and the overall declaration to be an over simplification, I would not argue that he is on to two very important components of transcendence.

Perhaps a mother breast-feeding her baby is another point of great transcendence. There is a similar biological magic involved in both moments. This is a spell of hormones that are released, which draw us into emotional closeness.

During the first three to six months of a new relationship there are hormones released that create a great deal of tolerance for the new apple of our eye.

Damn, I am still being abstract. Gee, lets see…these hormones create hard throbbing cocks that desire nothing more than to plunge relentlessly into the wet dripping pussies of craven sluts. Okay, I know that doesn’t really cut it for those lurking for a glimpse of my sweet naked wife. But hopefully the glimpse is enough and in time I can meander my way to the dark margins of deprived and psychologically twisted fantasy.

But, we cannot depend solely on her tender breasts. Other should also supply depictions of graphic vulnerability. Though my preference is for the feminine, please take liberty as you wish.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dynamic complexity

I will use this blog to elaborate the ideas of expanded intimacy. I will also use it to reveal and explore the most intimate details of my life and fantasies to provide the balance of reality to the abstractions of theory. I will also use pictures, mainly of my beautiful wife, to provide visual appeal, texture and dimension. I welcome constructive comments on all aspects.

Expanded intimacy contains dynamic complexity. That is, it is intended to model proximally repeating patterns in human existence from the personal to cultural.

The base metaphor is that of the pebble tossed into a calm pool of water. If you are the stone, the first ring is first relationships – primary caregiver. The second ring would be siblings and other first friendships. The third ring would be the formation of a network of friends. Then community; culture, and expanding out in a force that is like gravity in its infinite reach. These are the patterns of connection to the web of existence that, at its farthest reach, connects us in the universe and at its nearest reach connects us to our own existence.

The pebble could also be a group or a culture. The rings radiate in a similar pattern. Unlike the pool, this process is very dynamic. That is everything you do in on ring informs the other rings. So, for example, even if you have a poor relationship with your parents as a child, you may learn something as an adult in relationship to friends or culture that allows you to change the pattern of the inner ring. And especially if you can change the pattern of the inner rings, or the pebble itself, it is going to have a significant impact on subsequent rings. This forms a fabric of connection that is nonlinear.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

EI #1

This is my beautiful wife. I love her dearly, tenderly and uniquely. And here I use the image of her spectacular body to create visceral balance to cerebral rambling

When I first conceptualized the ideas of Expanded Intimacy, I thought of it as a theory. Lately I prefer to think of it as a myth. Not a myth in the sense of ancient religion, but a myth in the sense of a structured metaphor to pour the meaning of life into. The idea is to find a context for a paradigm shift that improves our ability to tap into human potential in a way that will bring sustainable joy, growth and wonder to our experience here on earth.

These ides start out as simple and axiomatic but they soon lead to very different ways of looking at the world that challenge traditional ideas and institutions.

I prefer the landscapes of the margins where we are reborn in innocent irreverence to find meaning in the illogical.

This blog will weave mind, body and connection (spirit if you will.)

Together we can unit perverts and the pious, find the freedom to seek balance in chaos.