Saturday, December 01, 2007

Upcoming Adventure

We will soon be going to Vegas for a few days. While Vegas does not exactly fit into most aspects of my value set there are certainly some aspects of this trip that I am looking forward to. I love watching people and there is no place better than Vegas for that. People are away from home and free to do things that they otherwise would not. I remember being at Circus Circus with my father when I was about 12. My father was on the floor and I was walking around upstairs. I was watching the action below when I noticed a woman in a fishnet pant suit with nothing on under it. I spent the rest o the night running around the balcony trying to keep my eyes on this fascinating sight. While we do not expect to spend any time where there will be children, I do expect Lindi to be well exposed for most of the trip. With any luck we will find someone for her to play with. Vegas is the kind of place where she can escape some of her inhibitions.

I had put an ad on the LV Craig’s List in hopes of maybe chatting up some potential candidates ahead of time, but after a few shallow and even rude comments I stopped even opening the replies. When sexuality is thrown out as a possibility it becomes the main focus and the whole dynamic is changed. Far better to meet people there and let circumstance that unfold according to the situation and not what you hope the situation will be. In Lindi’s adventures she has enjoyed being with friends more than with strangers and acquaintances. But after college the likelihood of hooking up with friends diminishes.

You often hear that sex ruins a friendship. That has not been my experience. Sex has always made us closer to those friends that we have hooked up with. I have to admit that this has not happened all that often.

Anyway, I will have a camera with me in Vegas and hope to document any adventures that we have. No matter what else happens I expect to watch her pulling a long rigid handle and hoping to for a climatic response. Let’s hope that there will be more excitement than just from the slots.