Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer fun

She spent some quality time with an old friend this summer. I got to take the pictures.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Institute of Expanded Intimacy

Human evolution is distinctive in that it is not marked only by biological transformation but also social transformation. The very nature of which has redirected the course of biological transformation.

Moving from a biologically based evolutionary process to one that is socially based imposes a higher order of freewill and responsibility on the species in directing its own evolution. Freewill is bounded by the same imperative as any other evolutionary process, namely survival.
There is an emerging paradigm shift that will recognize and develop this unique aspect of what it is to be human.

To this point in our transformation we have become seduced by our powers to control and manipulate the quantifiable aspects of the world. While this seduction was made possible by our desire for creativity, it has pushed us down the path of materialism, which, ironically, has left us isolated and less creative.

On this path of materialism we have learned to objectify people at the exclusion of their more uniquely human nature.

This objectification has isolated us from each other and even from ourselves.
Socialization is about relationships, which are inherently unquantifiable. As such we have failed to understand or adequately develop this most human potential.

Our attempts to understand, nurture and heal relationships have come, once again with irony, from an attempt to be objective, isolated and removed (i.e. the “science” of psychology.) These are anti-relationship perspectives. One aspect of the paradigm shift is to develop nonobjective models for understanding that is more holistic and integrated than the academic, scientific model will allow. Foreshadowing of this shift might exist in the more proximal conclusions being drawn from new understandings of chaos and ideas in particle physics but also from literature. Expanding our ability to assimilate information in a more complete context will require something more like metaphor than physics.

Relationships are not well understood in the linear restricted variables of scientific investigation. They are better understood in the textured blendings of art, music and metaphor.
Connecting to the human soul, which has been isolated and perhaps atrophied, requires recognition of the limitations of materialism and an appreciation of relationship and transformation. The arts, to this point, have been an embellishment of materialism more so than an articulation of transformation. At least this is so on the part of those who view art objectively apart from themselves rather than as a process that they are a part of.

Art also provides a conduit to the souls abstractions.

An aspect of a paradigm shift is likely to be an ability to make art a process in people’s lives and a mechanism for communication on a more visceral basis.

Relationship, like art, from the objective perspective of analysis is out of context and non-participatory.

The most profound connection that also provides, at least with the possibility of transcendence, is sexuality. This base biological need also contains the conduit to the most sophisticated aspects of human potential.

Sexuality is the mechanism that runs on love. Love is the energy that connects people.

Fear and insecurity have limited our understanding of, and access to, this most profound element of humanity.

Culturally sanctioned sexuality has, to this point, been locked behind the secure and secretive doors of matrimony, in rooms with the curtains pulled tight. It continues to be looked at from the perspective of a means of procreation more sop than a means of transformation. Sex can be the strongest bonding agent between people. We are hardwired to connect sexually. This hardwiring goes beyond the drive to mate. It includes such sophisticated psychological mechanisms as long periods of enhanced tolerance and empathy as relationships begin. Human empathy is affected by sex, yet we fail to see or value this element of sexuality. The lexicon with which we speak about sexuality is far more limited than the potential contained there. We cannot conceive of expanded intimacy in the range of sexuality because we look at sex only in the range of coital procreation. We can ritualize love and sexuality in a wider range of its vast human potential. Just as sexuality can bring two people together it can be a bonding element in community as well.

Sexuality provides a window to the essential fears and fantasies that direct us. Why do we do dream analysis and fail to do fantasy analysis?

The institute of expanded intimacy seeks to:
  • Increase access to the process of art for a wider range of people.

  • Encourage art as language, especially in articulating relationship.
    Explore the function of art as a conduit to the soul and a pathway of transformation, as it applies both to the individual soul and to the collective soul.

  • To encourage a value in art as lifestyle and lifestyle as art. This is a radical difference from art being the stuff that you hang on a wall and occasionally go to a museum or music venue to experience.

  • Expand the sophistication with which love and sexuality are viewed.
    View love and sexuality as a conduit to connect people individually and in community
    Explore love and sexuality as a social bonding agent.
  • Perceive the world with the understanding that our salvation is dependant on a paradigm shift that results in more a more sophisticated sense of empathy within and beyond our species.

Aiport Bar

Old story

When we fly together we usually drink a bit and enjoy each other’s company quite a lot, and she is usually dressed the way that I like. Once in an airport, on an extended layover, we sat at the bar and got to chatting with a fellow that I could tell she was taking a liking to. Through the first drink we were just chatting with no thought of anything more than the conversation. With the second drink I could tell that my wife was becoming somewhat flirtatious – something that she does not do easily. With the third drink I put my hand on her thigh. She had on a rather conservative looking knee length wrap around skirt. She was also wearing a blazer with a very sheer camisole under it. To this point the blazer was buttoned and though the camisole could be seen, it was rather more professional than sexy looking. About halfway through the third drink (and it should be noted that usually my wife stops at one drink, with a pretty good buzz, as she only weighs 110 lb) I decided to try to work the top flap of my wife’s skirt off of her knee, which would have exposed her thigh on his side. Normally such a move on my part would have resulted in my wife removing my hand from her leg. But in this airport far from home with her inebriated and flirting with a good looking man who was also a good conversationalist paying the sort of attention that makes a woman feel good, my wife gave no resistance. My maneuver worked much better than I had expected, as the flap of the skirt slid, not just off of her knee, but most of the way down her thigh. My wife’s very shapely legs (the woman runs 4 miles a day) came starkly into view as if her skirt had been a Broadway curtain. I think we were all a bit shocked but my wife, adding to my shock, made no move to adjust the scene. Although, extremely turned on by this, I was also a little self-conscious. My wife was seated between the two of us and we each had our bar stool canted toward her. She really was center stage and, much to my surprise and enjoyment, she was taking a good deal of pleasure from her leading role. Looking down the bar I noticed that we had caught the attention of an elderly man sitting alone. I was pretty certain that his view of my wife’s exposed legs was at least partially blocked, but the attention he was paying made me also doubt that. By the end of our third drink our new friend and I were not trying to hide our gaze at my wife’s slender legs crossed so ladylike but exposed nearly to her panties that I knew to be gossamer thin and sheer. By this time too, my hand had returned to her leg. As my hand began to slide slowly up her leg my wife gave me a you-naughty-boy-look, but made no attempt to remove it. Long before I got to the perilous edge of her shirt she stood up to go to the restroom. In her absence, the fellow, also feeling the affects of, I did not know how many drinks, as he was at the bar before we arrived, was more than a little complementary of my wife’s beauty and her incredible legs. This of course is the sort of thing that really added to my already aroused state and I confessed to him that she was not always so bold but that I was really enjoying it. He pointed out that perhaps I had grown familiar with her beauty and so the treat for him was all the more rare and special. If this guy’s intention was to gain liberty with my wife, he certainly had the right script. As she was returning, he hurriedly asked if I though she would mind if he put his hand on her leg. Not wanting her to hear what we were talking about, I shrugged my response. I noted that he had not asked me if I would allow it. I assumed that he had correctly gathered from our short private conversation that I would be thrilled with it.

I was now less a part of the conversation as they chatted, which was probably just as well, because I’m not sure that I could have been coherent in my aroused state. As he spoke to her he was reaching out and occasionally touching her arm that rested on the bar. She made no move to discourage this. At some point I interjected something into the conversation and my wife turned to me with the most loving and aroused smile. She put her hand on my leg. There was a lot of subtle communication in this gesture. The look of love on her face definitely included a huge amount of arousal, through it was the unmistakable message that her love for me, though contained in this heightened state of arousal, was much more encompassing than that alone. She communicated gratitude for this indulgence, and a desire to continue this erotic dance with another partner, but to also stay connected in the moment to me. Implicit was my wife’s tacit and tactile consent for us to touch. As she turned back to flirt with her friend, she pulled my hand to her leg. My wife is much more capable of drawn-out tension and subtle communication than am I. Within a few minutes of my hand being placed on her leg it had slid to where her skirt flared. And again she gave me the naughty boy look, at which time her friend took the opportunity to further his own agenda by saying, “you can’t blame the man, and besides I am thoroughly enjoying what I see.” With that she gave him a coy sideways grin, and my hand slid over her hip to the side of her bottom, fully exposing her panties to this stranger. Again she gave a bit of a protest but made no move to cover herself.

The bartender, had become much more attentive, even though he could not see her skirt below the bar. This may have been because she returned from the restroom with her blazer connected by only one button. Her attire, though still professional, looked more like that of a woman who is willing to use any means to succeed, for now it was apparent that her camisole was sheer and it could be guessed that she was not wearing a bra.

I tried to uncross her legs but they were locked with the force of the moment’s anxiety. I was disappointed because I knew that her sheer panties were likely becoming wet. Not one to be easily defeated in matters of such extreme passion, I began to move up hill, under her blazer to her pert breast. This of course seemed to draw our circle of admirers even closer.

Her excitement was becoming more evident as the conversation was slow and forced. When our friend moved his hand to her knee, she gave a start and her eyes got big. She recovered by lifting her hand to order another drink, but she did not discourage what was happening.

He began to slowly caress her knee and she drew deeply on her new drink for the medication it would provide to her anxiety. As his hand moved slowly up her thigh she looked to me for permission and strength. I gave her an affectionate squeeze and smiled broadly at her. With this I slid back in my bar stool to enjoy the show. Though unintentional, my manipulation under her blazer had loosened its last button, and it slid open revealing her supple breast in all their glory beneath the sheer fabric of the camisole. Though she had been significantly naked below the bar to her friend, perhaps the old fellow and to me, she was now more publicly exposed, as the camisole did little to obscure her beautiful breast.

Now it seemed that she had the attention of the other half dozen people sitting around the horseshoe bar, who were trying to obsequiously gather what was happening. I could tell that the blazer coming open had made my wife much more uncomfortable, and I was sorry that it had happened. But it also seemed that her attention was most directly on the hand that was caressing her leg and not on the eyes that were watching her.

His ascent up my wife’s leg was slow and purposeful. As he neared the confluence of her beautiful legs she sighed and moved her hips slightly forward. The legs that had been clenched to my touch, now fell open revealing her soft patch of desire. And again she moved to meet his touch.

Soon her panties were in a small, soggy wad pushed to the side as he made skin-to-skin contact with her well-trimmed mound. She was losing the battle to stifle her whimpers. When he reached with his other hand to touch her breasts, she convulsed and moaned rather loudly.

There was no longer any conversations at the bar as all eyes were intently on my wife. The bartender had actually moved a couple of steps back, for fear of implication in this indecent display. My wife continued to writhe under his manipulations until, with his thumb on her clit, he pushed his finger inside of her. She usually responds much more to clitoral stimulation than to penetration. But with the penetration of this stranger’s finger, she erupted with a seismic orgasm. Gasping loudly she rolled back and lifted her hips and pushed them to the bar, to give this lover better access.

At that point I would have been happy for this man to put my wife on the bar and completely have his way with her. I’m pretty sure that she would not have stopped him. What did stop us was the last boarding call for our flight. As my wife straightened herself on obviously wobbly legs, I reach to pay the tab. He waved me off and said that buying our drinks was the least he could do. I hurriedly shook his hand still wet with my wife’s nectar and thanked him. My wife shocked me again by placing her hands on his face and kissing him deeply. She then turned and exited without saying a word.

Luckily our gate was right across from the bar. They closed the doors behind us as we boarded. We were too much in shock to say much other than “did that really just happen?” As is usually the case when she drinks, my wife was soon sound asleep. And I was left to ponder this strange event alone.

We did not speak about it for three weeks after that. When we did finally broach the subject, we had each processed it enough to have a lot to say. We knew the man’s first name, what city he lived in and where he worked, which would have been enough to easily track him down. But somehow it did not seem right. Nor did he make an effort to contact us.

Nonetheless, he and the experience had a profound affect on our lives. For about three years he was the center of our rich fantasy life. He was my wife’s lover, who knew exactly what she wanted and how to please her. Through him I learned how to better please her. The experience also gave us a strong since of our own ability to go outside the box of convention to seek what pleases us, not just sexually but in all aspects of our lives. Because we had this experience, we have also had many great adventures that probably would not have occurred to us if we had not learned to abandon convention at times. This is not to say that we have become wild bohemians. We continue to be rather conventional professionals, with two kids and nice neighbors. We are also people who are not afraid to reach for life’s gusto with both hands.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Silky Seconds

I was surprised to learn that I like silky seconds. An old friend, lets call him Matt, was in town one night many years ago. As the wine flowed, I was shocked that my normally conservative and demure wife was flirting with him. I was also surprised to be turned on by this. So I encouraged it and kept pouring the wine. As I placed my hand on her leg and began working her dress up, there was no resistance until I had made very good progress. . A furtive slap with no effort to move my hand away let me know that we were in previously uncharted waters. She and I were on a couch and Matt was sitting across from us in an over stuffed chair. My wife and I had been married very young and she had no experience with other men. While I always encouraged her to dress in sexy cloths, I doubt that another man had ever seen her naked.

Our friend was very interested and sought to reassure her by saying how beautiful she was. This was no stretch; she was glowing and incredibly beautiful. As horny as I was, I wanted to play this out a bit. I stopped pulling her dress up. She must have thought that I was unhappy with what was happening because, when I stopped, she became quiet. I could see a mixture of concern, guilt and pouting. What a wonderful emotional cocktail.

After a few minutes, I reached out and fondled her breast through her sexy dress. This elicited a shocked and confused look from her, which was met with a wicked grin from me that I'm sure she could not fully analyze. This was great fun.

When I continued to fondle her breast she said "stop" in a rather annoyed tone of voice.

"Really?" I said, "because I'm pretty sure that you are enjoying this."

Frustrated and confused she said, "I've had too much wine."

"It seems to me that you have finally had enough wine. You’re feeling a little saucy."

"What I am concerned about is how we will feel in the morning," she said.

"A little hangover is a small price to pay for a new adventure."

"What makes you think that I want to be a part of your adventure?"

"I think that the adventure is more yours."

"It is not me who is fondling you."

"Right, but it is you who is enjoying a new level of inhibition and titillation."

"Oh, you are so easy. I can titillate you any time."

"Yes, what is new here is the degree to which you are being turned on.”

Lifting her dress was revealing her in ways that were new to her, but this conversation was touching her inner sanctum in ways that she was not prepared for. "I'm going to bed" she demanded as she stood up to leave.

"Please don't,” Matt pleaded. I'll make him stop.

"That's the problem" I said, "she doesn't want me to stop."

"You seem to think you have me figured out. What about you. Do you want to undress me in front of your friend? Do you want him to see your wife naked? Won't you be jealous?"

"Yes, I think that I will be a little jealous. That is a big part of the thrill that I am feeling."

"Well those are feelings that I don't want to face in the morning." She overly emphatically insisted.

"Okay, you can stay and I will keep my hands to myself" I said.
She looked at me as if to scold me and sat back down. In fact she sat down in such a way that allowed her dress to ride up just enough for me to know that she was not at all convinced that she wanted this to stop.

Matt was visiting because he and his wife had just separated and were soon to divorce. We had spent much of the evening letting him unload about a marriage of unrecognizable needs; hers for status and security and his for intimacy and love. Of course we knew when they had married while we were all in college that this would be the eventual sad outcome.

Wanting to keep the topic sexy, I asked Matt if he would have liked such an adventure with his wife when they were together.

He said that he was not sure. She liked to dress in expensive clothing that often bordered on being quite sexy (she was a knockout.) He said that she liked to flirt but that he doubted that she would have ever crossed the line. "Not that I think that is a bad line." he quickly added, reassuring us that he was ready for anything that we might dish out.

My wife used this opportunity to test the morality waters. "She never would have done anything to betray your trust."

"Whose trust has been betrayed?" I asked. "Are you betraying my trust if I lift your dress to let Matt have a peak of your sexy panties and to give you a cheap thrill."

"Maybe I don't want to be cheap."

"Honey you are not cheap" I said, "the thrill is" and I put my hand on her mostly bare leg as I leaned over to kiss her. As I caressed her leg and went to remove my hand, she put her hand on mine, keeping it on her leg.

Now as the conversation continued I allowed my hand to caress and very so slowly work her dress up.

I got up to pour more wind and immediately set my hand back to its task. Within about 15 minutes of good conversation, disrupted by the excitement we were all feeling, I had her dress pulled way up.

"I should not let myself get this drunk" my wife said.

“I think that you should do it more often” I said and I leaned n to kiss her, pulling my hand that was on her leg across her body and pulling her hem with it, allowing it to fully reveal her little sheer panties.

She slightly brushed my hand giggling saying, "you did that on purpose." Her dress fell back only barely covering her panties.

"I did" I said, "you are just too irresistible." And I meant it.

"Thank you" Matt said smiling from ear to ear. And not hiding the fact that he was enjoying the view.

"You are just showing off" she told me. "You are intentionally teasing poor Matt"

"You are right. How rude of me. Why don't you go sit on Matt's lap, I'm happy to share with an old friend."

She looked at me with shocked eyes and said, "yeah, right!"

Matt said that he did not mind being teased and that he was really enjoying it. He admitted that he had always found my wife to be a beautiful woman, at which she blushed.
Through this exchange my hand had worked her dress back up so that she was sitting there with her panties in full view.

After a short awkward silence, she looked down at her exposed legs and asked if I was having fun.

"Yes, in fact I am" I said, as I slowly drew my finder tips across her prominent clit. [a photo of her in panties much like the ones she wore that night can be seen by friends in our photo stream.] Though she would have liked to have pretended like she was doing this only for our pleasure, the catch in her breath as I did this made it clear that she was very excited.
I leaned in and kissed her again and she returned the kiss with a good deal of passion.

Matt was on the edge of his seat and I massaged her clit with my thumb as I kissed her. She tried to push me away but as she did she was also pushing her pussy to meet my hand, revealing her true emotions. I did not let her push me away. I kissed her hard, which is something that turns her on once she is excited enough. She was definitely excited enough. She hit me hard in the back as she shoved her tongue into my mouth.

I reached up and slid the strap of her dress off of her shoulder. This was a spaghetti strap summer dress under which she wore no bra. She moaned no into my mouth as she swung her leg over my lap so that she was sitting on my lap facing me. Perhaps she did not want Matt to see her perfect little tits (as can be seen in our photo stream) I lifted her dress up, but it was tied in the middle so it would not go past her waist. I pulled the tie and she broke our kiss and looked into my eyes with intensity. She said, "This is a bad idea." But it was a statement, not a suggestion that we should stop. With the tie loose, I lifted the dress and she lifted her arms to allow it to go over her head. I knew that her embarrassment at being naked in front of our fried was adding to her excitement but that I could not push this too far too fast. We continued to kiss passionately and she was grinding into my very erect but fully covered cock.

After several minuets I quietly motioned Matt to the couch. When he sat down, she murmured "uhh uhh" into my mouth, but she was too far gone to stop.

Matt sat there right next to us watching but not touching. She clung to me both in excitement and fear. I wanted her to be completely naked In front of us while we were fully dressed. Only her panties remained...and her high heels, which could stay. I tried pushing at her panties but she continued to cling to me and there was no way that they were coming off in this position.

I knew that I needed to get her to let go of me. I reached over and grabbed Matt's hand and placed it on her nearly bare bottom. Her grip around my neck tightened and she gasped "Oh my god, no!!!" as she moved back to greet is touch. I tried to slide out from under her but she continued to cling in fear. She was now being fondled by both of us. Matt had reached up to place a hand on her small breast and she arched out from me to give him access.

This was not the wife that I had known up to this point. If anyone had told me, prior to this that it was in her to act like this, I would have laughed.

I slid my hand down her back, over her bottom and to her pussy, which had drenched her panties. Rubbing her swollen lips made her writhe. She slid one leg so that she was straddling only on of my legs, which allowed her to rock against my leg. When she slid back to my knee and pushed her clit against it she had a screaming orgasm. This embarrassed her and made her stop to catch her breath and look at me with imploring eyes, as if to say “would you please stop this because I cannot.”

I stroked her back and told her that I had never seen her more beautiful or been more excited in my life. “This is not a good idea” she said.

“Oh I think that it is a wonderful idea. I never knew what a pleasure it could be to share your intimacy with a close friend.”

“Yeah, but you are not going to feel like that in the morning.”

“I’m not sure about that” I said, “I am feeling very close to both you and Matt right now, I don’t think that I am going to resent that, and I hope that you won’t”

She snuggled into my chest. As she did her feet came up on the couch and into Matt’s lap.
He had good instincts and allowed the moment to continue reassuringly caressing her legs and resisting her beautiful ass.

We were quiet for several minutes, both of us lightly caressing her. She later said that her feeling of shame and guilt were washed away with a sense of love and acceptance during this time. As I sensed that she was regaining her composure, I let my caressing go from her shoulders and upper back to the small of her back. While I wanted to get back to a more erotic space, I would have been content to let it end there if she did not want more. If we were going to go forward, I wanted to bring this sense of connection, love and camaraderie with us.

As I slipped my hand over her bottom she cooed into my chest. I continued to gently caress her letting her tacitly decide what would be next. After a few minutes of this she slowly and ever so slightly moved against my leg.

Now as I slid her panties down she did not resist or seem fearful. As I could only slide them just below her cheeks, Matt had to lower them the rest of the way. He leaned over and kissed her bare bottom eliciting a happy lazy moan from her.

I moved over on the couch allowing her to roll on to her back and to more fully stretch between us, exposing herself fully to Matt’s gaze. Matt began gently touching her pussy lips. She was now very relaxed and smiling as if she were on drugs. As he worked she continued to open her legs more and more. I felt as though I had gone to some tantric heaven, watching my wife respond to the pleasuring of my friend. This was the opposite of jealousy. It was an ecstasy created by shared love.

As she began aggressively moving against his hand, he leaned down and caressed her clit with his tongue and she exploded. This was only the second time that I had seen her have two orgasms in the same night. But rather than stopping as she usually did after an orgasm she stretched back and continued to offer her quim to him.

As she began to get wound back up I was shocked that she raised up and took him into her arms and kissed him deeply. I was now just a spectator as my wife left me to wantonly engage my friend. I knew that I was feeling jealousy but it was subdued by a complete sense of being erotically consumed.

My wife and my friend rose up on their knees on the couch, entangled and kissing passionately. I thought that I would come as I saw his hand slide around her bottom and she moving to give his fingers access to my marital sanctuary.

She pushed him back and began pulling at his shirt. Too excited to master the buttons, he had to do it himself as she fondled him through his pants and gazed at him as if she were dying of thirst and he were water. I’m quite sure that she had never been this excited with me, so why was I so excited to be witnessing this?

Before he had his shirt off she was tugging at his belt buckle. Again she was too confused and excited to make much progress, but he was right behind her quickly removing his pants and his underwear revealing a very erect cock. His cock was nicely veined and a good deal larger than mine.

My wife stared in appreciation of his manly stature. She wrapped both of her hands around it and stroked it as if it were a prized possession and gazed into his eyes with love and lust. At this point I figured that she must have had feelings for him even before this. The pang of jealousy that I felt in this realization was not so much that she had these feeling but that she had not shared them with me.

She reached up and wrapped an arm around his neck pulling him to her and kissing him, while she used her other hand to push his manhood against he pussy. It was at this point that I realized that he did not have a condom on. I had never dreamed that it would go this far. I knew that I should say something but I was too turned on by the situation and the idea of what was about to happen to say anything. I knew that he had been faithful to his wife and I suspected that she had been faithful to him. This was all that I needed to justify what I wanted t see happen.

But she pushed him back and said, “do you have a condom?” I could not imagine my wife being so forward and blatant about another man fucking her. Before he could answer she had leaned over and started to suck on the head of his cock. In all of our time together she had only sucked my cock three times and never was it with out encouragement or with nearly so much desire on her part.

I thought that I might pass out from the mix of emotions that I was feeling. As she had bent over to suck his cock her ass had been thrust my way. I could not resist, I bent down kissing her bottom and working my way to her lush pussy. While she moved against me in obvious pleasure, I was not the object of her desire. No sooner had my tongue reached its target than she straightened up and placed herself on his glistening cock. I watch from behind as my wife wrapped her little hand around this strong cock and guided it to what, until now, had been my private domain. I was paralyzed with jealousy, love and erotic exhilaration as I watched him part her and then spread her as she had never been spread before. She just kept repeating “Oh My God” over and over in a primal mantra of passion. Soon she had engulfed all of him and her dainty vaginal lips were stretched around this piston that started very slowly and continued to pick up steam. Soon they were meeting each others thrusts with a violent collision. She had stopped evoking the divine and was just grunting and screaming in chorus with him. They were in a place that she and I had never been and I was breathless watching. My clothes were still on and I was afraid that the act of removing them might cause me to miss even a glimpse of this incredible sight or cause me to cum.

I was impressed that he had not cum yet. And then I was totally shocked again as she had an orgasm. She had never had an orgasm with me from just thrusting. Her orgasm triggered his. It was like two galaxies colliding as they erupted together. I could now smell their combined sex. I could see cum coating his cock and splashing up on her lips. They were wrapped in each others arms and they collapsed onto the couch. As she came down she stroked his face and kissed him gently. With her eyes shut and head thrown back in submission of such an intense after glow he kissed her gently. Still breathing hard she whispered, “I love you, Matt.”
My heart sank and my erection began to subside as I settled back into the couch in complete disbelief, humiliation and heart break. Why had I allowed this to happen? But wasn’t it best to know the truth. I was sick with these thoughts as I felt her hand on my own face. I looked up to see her consumed in a smile. “I love you now more than I ever knew that I could love anybody,” she said. I had started this adventure messing with her head - challenging her emotions, and now she had me completely confused.

“Would you please make love to me,” she said.

“I don’t know if I can do that I said.”

“Please, I want you inside me so much”

I hesitated both because of my confused emotional state and because of the though of sloppy seconds. As she pleaded, she kissed me and I had a sense that I tasted him on her, which aroused me even more. If I could be aroused by that then perhaps I could deal with sloppy seconds. The answer came not from my rational mind but from my aching penis, I was hard as steel.

As she slid on top of me I could feel his seed sliding down my shaft. He had opened her in such a way that she was not tight like she normally was. Her pussy was loose and wet and warm and its contents were falling and dripping down my balls. She felt silky. She wrapped herself around me and said “I’m not sure what just happened but it made me love you like I have never loved you before. You are the most incredible man, I don’t ever want to stop making love to you.” As their combined juices ran down my ass I exploded into the love of my life. In that moment of holy rapture I understood that love and eroticism can have a multiplier effect that takes transcendence to a new level.Matt stayed another two days and we made love about five times in that period. My wife and I made love every day for many months after that reliving the experience and talking about what it meant to both of us. She had never realized that she had feelings for him before that night. She said that the feelings she had had for him were tied up in how much I appreciated him as a friend. He visited a few times over the next couple of years and each time we had grown a little further from him and the love making was less intense each time. He eventually remarried and we have only seen him once in the last ten years. But my wife and I revisit that time of extreme passion frequently.