Thursday, December 01, 2005

EI #1

This is my beautiful wife. I love her dearly, tenderly and uniquely. And here I use the image of her spectacular body to create visceral balance to cerebral rambling

When I first conceptualized the ideas of Expanded Intimacy, I thought of it as a theory. Lately I prefer to think of it as a myth. Not a myth in the sense of ancient religion, but a myth in the sense of a structured metaphor to pour the meaning of life into. The idea is to find a context for a paradigm shift that improves our ability to tap into human potential in a way that will bring sustainable joy, growth and wonder to our experience here on earth.

These ides start out as simple and axiomatic but they soon lead to very different ways of looking at the world that challenge traditional ideas and institutions.

I prefer the landscapes of the margins where we are reborn in innocent irreverence to find meaning in the illogical.

This blog will weave mind, body and connection (spirit if you will.)

Together we can unit perverts and the pious, find the freedom to seek balance in chaos.

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