Sunday, November 19, 2006

[To be played to a bluesy gospel tune]

Ah, sweet spirituality – the baby gone with the dirty bathwater of religion. For so many well-educated and otherwise thinking people, spirituality is counterintuitive. That is because they are trapped in a materialist perspective of Martin Heidegger’s one-track thinking. They have so much faith in the common, static and measurable that they refuse to consider, much less dance with, the glorious universe of the unique, dynamic and unseen.

This universe is the domain of love, friendship, the ability of music to change our mood, beauty and sexuality. We do not need religion, faith in deities or a lack of innocent cynicism to recognize the connections that make the whole greater than the perceived sum of the parts.

Poor, Poor brother Haggard, his soul was sucked by the congregation.
Spirituality spewed forth when he was sucked in the streets of degradation.
There was salvation in the sin.
ise elders will keep that from ever happening again.
Do you know who the devil is,
When life gives you this.

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