Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rough Draft of a story written a long time ago

New Years is a time that my typically shy wife comes out of her shell a bit. This year’s dress was low cut so that when she leaned forward her sweet little nipples came into view. The dress was made of two very sheer layers that wrapped in opposite directions. It was a little short but the real affect was created when she was backlit and it became transparent. She, nor I, was aware how sheer it was when she agreed not to wear panties. I noticed fairly early on and it was pronounced and I made a point of keeping her in the shadows. I had noticed when she went to the bathroom and was returning that you could clearly see her most feminine nakedness.

As the night progressed, the alcohol flowed and her charms melted my heart, my lust soared. After I felt that her inhibitions were down enough I said, “you are lovely, and that dress is much sexier than I thought it would be.” She smiled sweetly and said “I’m glad you like it. Its all for you.” “ And every man’s rapt eye,” I replied. She assumed that it was simply the liquor having its way with me.

Though I was doing what I could to keep her in the shadows, men were starting to take notice and I was getting very turned on by the fact that she was so naked in such a crowed. Luckily we were away from our hometown and knew no one there. Actually she was getting to know quite a few men as there was a steady stream to ask her to dance. This is something that she will most frequently turn down, as she is so shy. But being out of town, in a party situation and slightly drunk, she was enjoying the attention. Also she and I were dancing together a good bit. Finally a good-looking but rather inebriated fellow told her that he had enjoyed looking at her pussy all night. She was shocked and asked him what he meant. He said “yea right, like you don’t know that your dress is as sheer as glass.” She immediately stopped dancing with him and came over to me very upset.

She told me what had happened and asked why I hadn’t told her. I said that I had mentioned that the dress was much sexier than we had thought. This, of course, made her mad, because even though I had said that, I knew full well that I had not adequately communicated the situation to her. To exacerbate the circumstances, men kept coming by to ask her to dance. She was getting increasingly direct in telling them “no”. She was almost in tears and said that she wanted to leave. It was only 11:00 on New Years Eve and I pleaded with her to stay.

I felt awful. I begged her forgiveness and explained that I had been caught up in the situation and the alcohol and convinced myself that this is what she wanted. This set her off and she shot at me “How could you think that this is what I wanted? Do you not know me? Have you failed to notice that I am a shy and rather conservative person?” I agreed, and said that I had selfishly convinced myself of what I wanted to believe. I really felt like a shmuck.

We sat for quite awhile with me apologizing and telling her how bad I felt. Finally her anger started to dissipate, but she was adamant that she would not get up from our table until it was time to leave and then she would wear my coat out. I told her that I understood. Through this time she – who seldom drinks – sucked a couple more drinks down and was becoming fairly drunk. She started telling me that she forgave me and loved me.

After a while I asked her very carefully if the situation had any erotic appeal to it for her. She smiled and gave me a naughty look and then said “that is not the issue.” I so love this sexy woman who can communicate with such neuance even when drunk.

One of the men she had danced with, in fact one of the only men she had agreed to dance with twice , was sitting at the table next to ours. He must have gotten a sense of what was going on, as she was now turning men down for dances and she and I were leaned in talking with rather stern looks on our face. After awhile he approached our table. Some time had gone by and men were starting to get the picture and had stopped approaching her. So as he approached I noticed her stiffen. But he did not approach her. He came up to me and offered his hand to shake and said “Hi my name is Tom. I enjoyed dancing with your beautiful wife. Mind if I join you for a drink?” I looked right at Lindi to see how she was taking this. To my surprise she did not seem to mind at all, so I invited Tom to sit with us.

Tom was also from out of town. His mother had died after a long illness about a month earlier and he and sister had agreed to get back together over the holidays when they would have more time to straighten things out. The stress of his mother’s long illness had also contributed to his recent divorce from a woman he had loved very much and been married to for 15 yers.

He was well dressed, good looking, and a good conversationalist. I could see why Lindi had agreed to dance with this fellow a couple of times. Tom engaged Lindi with a warm smile and I could tell that she was smitten. Eventually the conversation came around to the dancing and Lindi admitted with quite a blush that she had had no idea how sheer her dress was. Tom smiled and said that he had figured that was what had happened. He said that he understood her discomfort but that he also thought that she had every right to be proud of the how beautiful she looked and the impact she had on so many men. Again she blushed and said the embarassment far overshadowed the hope of any vanity. Tom went on to say what a shame it was because he had so enjoyed dancing with her and was hoping that maybe the opportunity might arise again. She Blushed and did not say anything. Tom said he hoped that maybe after midnight, when everyone was a little more drunk, she might agree to dance in a dark corner with him and then he quickly added, “that is if your husband doesn’t mind.” I said, “I don’t mind.” I was shocked when she said “we’ll see.”

I was even more shocked when a couple of minutes later she leaned in to speak to him and allowed her top to fall open enough for her beautiful breasts to be exposed. Though she was a little drunk, she was aware of what she was doing. The fact is that the only reason she would agree to wear a dress that would so easily reveal her breast is because she is so confident in he own awareness of her space and her ability to control it in all circumstances.

Tom did not miss the view and I’m guessing that he did not misunderstand its significance because he unavoidably lit up and leaned in to her, not to get a better look, which he very consciously avoided lingering over, but to accept her invitation to a closer more intimate conversation. At this point I was pretty much an outside observer to my wife's seduction by this very charming stranger. This was almost too much for my alcohol-drenched emotions. On the one hand, I was as sexually turned on as I had been in years. On the other hand, I was feeling more than a little threatened and what I think was jealousy – an emotion I had had very little experience with. Though I could hear their conversation, it was clearly in a tone that was just for the two of them. They were quickly talking about Lindi’s (and my!) favorite topic – literature. We had all read many of the same books, but I did not interject as they spoke animatedly about the books they love. Now they were leaned into to each other and she was making no effort to conceal her (my!) breasts. Tom was also making little effort to conceal his pleasure in looking upon my wife’s nakedness. And I sat in my corner consumed by a tornado of emotions. I knew that she too must have been experiencing a swirl of amplified and new emotions. This was more surrealistic than I could have imagined. Twenty minutes ago my sweet wife had been very angry with me for not having her feelings better in mind and for having violated her trust in me. Was this a deliberate effort to get back at me? Surely not, Lindi does not have a vindictive bone in her body. Yet, how well did I know this incredible woman? She, who is more shy and self-conscious than most I have known, was exposing her breast to this charming stranger.

They were laughing, leaned in so close they were almost touching and drinking in each other’s company while I sat witness to my wife’s seduction. This man was literally inches from my wife’s exposed breast in the company of hundreds. I imagined him growing intoxicated on her sweet feminine breath and the beauty of her exposed feminine form.

Their spell was broken by the announcement of the count down to the New Year. Lindi looked over at me and realized the position that she had put me in. She stood up and came over, put her arms around me and said, loudly and with more enthusiasm than she had in years “I love you darling.” At the strike of midnight she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her kissing me deeply. She must have also noticed my excitement for she pushed herself into my hardness and slipped her tongue into my mouth.

I felt relief and intense love as my wife surrendered to my passionate kiss. Then I felt one of her arms release from my neck and reach out to stop Tom who was headed back to his table to give us our privacy. While my eyes had been shut in surrender to the love of my wife, hers had been open monitoring her new paramour. And just as quickly my insecurity had returned.

Our kiss was broken and she looked up at me with that sweet smile that has always enslaved me. She asked if she could wish Tom a happy New Year. Somewhat unsuspectingly, I said, “of course.” With that she wrapped her arms around his neck, closed her eyes and surrendered to a long intense kiss. It was, in fact, more imphatic than the kiss she had given me.

Who was this woman? Was this or was this a harbinger of drastic changes to come in this new year?

I stood awkwardly for what seemed like an eternality, but in reality was probably less than a minute. Finally these new lovers unwrapped their tongues and released each other. When they did she literally stumbled. She said “Oh, I must have had a little too much to drink.” But it was clear that the intoxication that she was tripping over was not from the alcohol.

She stood looking up at the two of us and said “So, who is going to dance with me first.” I think that I was rendered speechless by shock but Tom, with a graciousness that I was beginning to resent said, “Well of course husband and wife should have the first dance of the year together.” She took my hand and led me to the dance floor, seemingly unconcerned about her dress.

I was numb with astonishment. I knew that she wanted to broach the subject but she was afraid of what my response might be. I think that perhaps she was also a little afraid of her own response too. So we danced in silence. After Auld Lang Syne was through playing I started back to the table, but she reached out for my hand and pulled me back for another dance. She said, “we better talk.”
I said, “I’m too surprised and confused to be able to talk”
“Talking is what we do when we are confused. It is how we help each other find clarity.”
“Perhaps, but I don’t feel very much like I’m part of the conversation right now.”
“I don’t blame you Darling. I don’t know what is happening, but I know, among other things, by your hardness, that you are also excited by what is happening.”
I replied, “As confused as I am about my own emotions, I’m even more confused about yours.”
“Me too.” She confessed. “We have mixed a surprisingly new and different potion tonight. I’m not sure what all of the ingredients are but I know that it has rendered the universe a very different place.”
“Yes” I said, “though exciting, I don’t think I like my place in this new universe.”
“Honey, you need to understand that your place in this universe has not changed.”
“So, have you been swept off your feet by other men in the past that I did not know about?”
“No” she said pleadingly. “I have been able to let myself be swept up in this because I know that you are my foundation - my one true love. I would never have been able to do any of this if I had thought it would, in any way change us.”
“I can assure you Lindi, that it already has. Maybe not for the worse – I’m way too confused right now to be able to say for sure – but it has definitely changed the universe forever.”
“Not for worse,” she demanded. “It is our choice whether to make it for better of for worse”
I could not help but marvel at her ability to manipulate our conversation to maximize its meaning. For better or for worse indeed.

“I am in a place that I have never been,” she went on. “A place I did not know existed. I would never have been able to go here if I did not have confidence in our ability to navigate it together for better. Your love and ability to explore and find the best in things is the base for this new potion we have stumbled across tonight.”

By this time we were on our third song and the place had actually cleared out a bit. I noticed men looking at her and was again stirred by the erotic nature of what was going on.

“Honey” I said, “I don’t know if I am that strong.”
Without hesitation she said, “Then lets go back to our room and let me show you how much I love the incredible strength that you do have. You are the most amazing man I have ever known. We have had a wild time and we have a lot to figure out together.”

I pulled her to me and held her tight as we danced and did not say anything for a while. I have always been surprised by how much I love my wife, but this was a new and interesting wrinkle for sure. As the song ended we stepped back and looked into each other’s eyes with a sort of communication that can only happen between people who have been lovers for a long time. It is a sort of communication that cannot be translated into words because it contains emotions, memories and desires that are too textured for words or any external medium.

Our gaze was disrupted by a tap on the shoulder. It was Tom, who had come to say good-bye as his party was leaving.

“But Tom,” I said, “You have not had the dance you promised Lindi.”
“I know,” he said “but my party is leaving.”
“We understand if you need to leave with them, but if you would like to stay, we would be happy to give you a ride later.”
“Well, that does sound inviting. Let me run that by my sister and see how it flies.”

On our way back to our table Lindi looked loveningly into my eyes and said, “You seem to be feeling plenty strong.”
“Virility is nothing more than the love of a good woman.”
“Then should be the most virile man alive.”

Back at our table we began to discus the ingredients of this surprising potion that seemed to have changed our universe. She confessed that, thanks to the liquore, being unknowingly exposed had dawned on her with powerful affect. That erotic component had mixed with her anger and disappointment in me to create a strong essence of independence. “...which in turn mixed,” she said, “with your sweet and honest regret and concern to create a strange new flavor of love. That in turn mixed with the knowledge that this was turning you on to create a sense of freedom, which mixed with the alcohol and being away from home to create a bohemian desire for abandonment.”

"That is a complicated receipie" I said. "what part did Tom play in all of this?”

"Well, he mixed in to the formula, even before I first danced with him, when He looked at me with those warm brown eyes from the table where he was sitting. This happened when we first came in, so perhaps it was even before he had noticed my indecency.”
Hearing her speak of her emotions for another man was stirring my passion and insecurities into my own strange concoction.

She went on, “then when we danced, he held me tight, but did not grope as some of the other men had tried to do. And he is a VERY good dancer.”

After we had our fight and he came over and was so warm, understanding, intelligent, and not at all pushy, I felt like I was falling in love with him, which was probably the Alcohol because no one, especially me falls in love with a total stranger in the presance of an adoring husband. It was surely the Alcohol that compelled me to let him see down my dress. But that was a dangerous mix because the more attention he gave me the more I wanted him to see me, and the more I let him see me, the more rapt became our conversation. I was really interested in what we were talking about but I had to focus hard on the conversation to be able to stay in it. I was lost in his brown eyes and my lust. I was aching for him to touch my breasts. I think that I would have come if he had.”

I was about ready to come just hearing her talk like this. Never before had she revealed such erotic thoughts, especiallyt about another man.

It was 1:00 a.m. by this time. Lindi said, “well its probably a good thing he could not come back because things might have gotten out of hand. Once I realized that this was turning you on I’m not sure that I could have held back.”

“Yeah, to be honest with you I don’t think I have ever been this turned on: seeing him looking at your breasts and knowing that you were intentionally exposing yourself for him and getting turned on by it. Hearing you talk about your desire for him has me ready to explode.”

“I am too. Shall we go to our room and see what we can do about this problem?”

“I don’t know. I’m afraid of what will happen when we break the spell. Will we be able to recover? Will we ever be able to return to this place? Can we dance one more time? Can we dance with the light behind you?”

“Let’s dance to the side and let me work up the courage.”
“This might help too,” she said as she downed her glass of Champaign.

We danced enveloped in each other’s arms and lost thought of others looking on. We had been dancing for a while when we were again distracted by a tap on the shoulder. Again, it was Tom. He apologized for being late and explained that he had taken his sister and brother in-law home so that he would not have to bother us for a ride home later.

He said he hoped it was not too late to claim his turn with the prettiest girl at the dance. With that he slowly slid his hand down Lindi’s back until it was resting more on the flare of her bottom than on the small of her back. She blushed and had the unmistakable shudder of an orgasm. I looked at her with wide eyes and she just sort of shrugged as if to say, “I don’t know how that happened.” He probably also knew what had happened, as his hand was on her to feel the response.

“May I” he said.

“She’s all yours,” I said with more sincerity than I was comfortable with.

I returned to the table to watch intently as she snuggled into him and caressed his body as he held her tight. They stayed in a distant and rather dark corner but I could pretty well see what they were up to and it was making me harder than I had ever been even as a teenager. After a while she slid her hand to feel his butt. And he did not hesitate to follow suite. When the song was over she looked up at him and he pulled her to him and they kissed. I could not be sure from the distance I was at, but I was fairly certain that she had another orgasms while on the dance floor. When the last song was announced, they let go of any inhibitions they might have had. The place was almost empty so more light was getting to the dance floor and her dress was little more than a gossamer window dressing. Though now her intimacy was being lightly touched by his fingers that had slipped under her dress. There were many people sitting at tables gapping drunkenly at this surprising display. One woman seemed to be angry and trying to get her resisting husband to leave. Several other couples seemed to be bound to the erotic display as an enhancement to their own desires.

When the band stopped. Tom and my wife moved slowly, arm in arm, to our table not wanting to end the magic that was flowing between them.

Once at the table I commented on how hot they were.

“You are a lucky man,” said Tom. “You have an incredibly beautiful and intelligent wife. I have never had a more enjoyable night of dancing. Wouldn’t it be my luck that it would be with another man’s wife? She is also fortunate to have a husband so loving and secure as to indulge her so. She told me many times while we were dancing how much she loves and respects you.”

“She probably also told you that this behavior is something totally unexpected and new to us.”

“Yes she did, which makes me all the more grateful to be a part of your love potion.”

Hmmm? She must have told him a good deal to include him on our metaphor.

“Well,” I said “shall we continue this conversation in our room?”

“Honey!” Lindi said with a certain amount of alarm. “Are you sure you want to do that?” Her question left no doubt about her desire or her inability to control it if given the slightest opportunity.

“Absolutely” I lied. In fact I was terrified - a terror eclipsed only by my erotic desire.

I was literally shaking with anticipation. Once in the elevator I was unable to contain myself and I pulled Lindi to me and kissed her passionately and slid the strap off of her shoulder so that the dress fell open exposing her breast. She made a furtive effort to cover herself. I was more than a little relieved that she returned my kiss with a reassuring level of passion. When we broke she looked into my eyes and said, “I love you so much.” This newfound potion, this erotic drug, seemed to be affecting her the same way it was me.

“We are going to need that love to sort all of this out.” I said.
“I have complete confidence that we can do that,” she said
“Lets not worry about the sorting out for now. Lets explore this new lust with confidence in our love.” And with that I cupped her exposed breast and leaned in to kiss her again. She ran her hand up my thigh to the prominent bulge in the front of my pants. I was saved by the bell as we reached our floor.

I felt like a teenager in the back seat again. As soon as the door close to our room, I went for Lindi’s dress with singular intention. But she stopped me and suggested I pour every one a drink while she changed. She turned and went into the bathroom. Looking after her I wondered if she could possibly put something on that would be sexier than that dress.

God!!! Could I manage something so simple as pouring drinks with this level of sexual tension coursing through my body?

Tom took this opportunity to explain that as much as he wanted my wife that we shouldn’t do anything that would jeopardize our obviously sound marriage.

“Your probably right. There’s no sense playing with fire when what we have is so good. We’ll have this drink and then you can take your leave.”

I could see the excitement drain from Tom’s face as I said this.

It was cruel but I could not help but pause just a bit before laughing and telling him that we had gone too far to turn back now. Just as quickly his face lit up again and he laughed nervously.

The drinks needed ice. I reluctantly left to get the ice. I knew that in my absence Lindi would appear wearing something spectacular. I hurried to find the ice machine but it was all the way on the other side of the floor down two long corridors. I was practically running to get back.

When I opened the door there was my beautiful wife wearing a very sheer full length gown that clung to her. It was immediately apparent that she had nothing on under it – a gown she had bought especially for this trip, with me, and no one else, in mind. But it was not my arms she was in, or my mouth that she had her tongue in, nor was it my hand caressing the soft fabric over her bottom. They stopped and looked at me with uncertainty, as I stood there staring in amazement, bewilderment and excitement. How was it possible that my modest Lindi was nearly naked in this man’s arms?

Finally, she said, “Honey, are you alright?”

I had to admit that I didn’t know. But that I had never seen anything so beautiful and arousing. She smiled and said, “I sure am glad that you feel that way.”
She came over to me and took the ice bucket from me and finished making the drinks I had started. She knew full well the impact she was having on us as she glided around in her long clinging and perfectly sheer gown.

Lindi normally keeps herself neatly trimmed, but it was obvious that she had completely shaved for the occasion. I wondered if it was possible that she had done that while changing but figured that was not likely. Our room had a sitting area and somehow Tom and I ended up sitting on the soffa while Lindi was in an armchair looking more radiant than I had ever seen her. Though I was a little disappointed in the seating arrangement, it was nice for us to both be sitting before her. And she was holding forth with a confidence and radiance that I had never seen in her.

Tom seemed to be ever the literary type. As we sipped our drinks he launched into a soliloquy on the erotic element in great literature. How it was so often discussed in code and when it was not itself in code that it was a metaphor for other aspects of life. He said it was both a muse and the object of the muses. He was clearly well read as he referenced many great literary works.

He went on to say that great literary figures had provided us with more than beautiful art filled with the erotic element but that they themselves had often been the pioneers of erotic adventur, exploring outside of social limits, just as Lindi and I were doing on this night.

Amazingly his discussion was interesting and compelling despite my overwhelming desire to be more physical. It was, in fact, like fuel on the fire.

“These are indeed magical times when we can find the potion that liberates us from the box of convention. You are intoxicated by the idea that soon I will penetrate your wife and that she will be overwhelmed with desire for me. And Lindi you are amazed to give yourself over to such abandon. This eroticism is spiced with more than freedom. You have, in a sense, entered a parallel universe available to all but entered by so few. Anything is possible at this point. We are all amazed and excited that this is happening. The poets are led to this place by their muses to live life to its fullest and find inspiration and new territory. Why do you think that so many of them are bisexual? They are no different than the rest of us, other than to the extent that they are not afraid to follow their muse and explore the full range of human labido of human potential.
“Are you suggesting,” Lindi asked, “that the two of you could make love?”
“More than that, I am suggesting that anything is possible.”
“This is all very interesting,” I added “but, to be honest, it is making me a little nervous.”
“You shouldn’t be,” Tom said. “I’m fairly sure that I have no more interest in men than you do. But right now if Lindi were to ask me to perform oral sex on you I could do it, and I’m guessing that you could too, and maybe even enjoy it. She is our Muse. By the same token if we were to ask Lindi to do something that she nrmally would not do, she might enjoy doing it. Erotic freedom is our frontier.

“Let me show you my point.” And Tom moved over to Lindi and helped her to her feet. He turned her around for both of us to gaze on. “My God Lindi, you may be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," he said. The fabric clung to her shapely small breast and tapered down to her feminine flared hips and around her voluptuous bottom. I was indeed spell bound.

He reached and pulled her arms behind her back making her breast jut out all the more prominently with her small nipples easily visible through the cloth. He held her arms back with one hand as he started caressing her with the other. First her face, which she laid tenderly in the palm of his hand. He traced her pretty lips with his finger. He slid his hand down her neck and to her shoulder, a very sensitive place for Lindi. Sensing her pleasure, he continued to run his hand over her shoulder, and she softly moaned. He lightly traced her breast that she pushed wantonly at his hand. After teasing both breast until she could hardly breath, he moved his hand down to her waste and pulled his other hand from behind her back. As he did this she moved to touch him. But he moved her hands back and she knew to leave them there. He ran his hands over her hips and to her bottom and with a hard sudden jerk he brought her to him. She threw her head back and he consumed her mouth with his. She moaned hard into his mouth. He moved around her and I knew that she had cupped his hard-on with her pinned hands.

As I watched, he again caressed slowly from her shoulders down to her breasts. She moved hungrily with him. He cupped her small breasts in his strong hands and she went weak in the knees but he steadied her. He moved down the silk of her gown to her flat stomach and I could see her tighten it in anticipation. His fingers stopped just above her pubic mound and moved to her thighs. He slid his body down against hers until his face was resting on the checks of the bottom. She moved back against him and he slid back up until the bulge in his pants was nestled into the soft fabric of her gown and pushing at her bottom.

I was amazed that he had not cum yet as I was sure that I would in any moment despite the fact that I had not touched her myself.

He spoke smoothly and with confidence. “Now I want you to cum for me.” And with that he slid his hands down over her mound and back up next to her clitoris. I could see she was weak and he said. “Are you ready?” She could not speak, she just nodded her head and pushed at his hand between her legs. Again he pulled his finger up along the length of her lips and along the side of her clit and with that she shuddered and screamed “OH God!!!! I’m Cuming!!!”

In all of our years together I had never heard Lindi scream out like that. She drew her breath in and began to sob.

Concerned, I rushed to her. “Lindi, Darling are you okay? What is wrong?”

“I don’t know,” she sobbed. “That is the most intense orgasm I have ever had and I don’t know why I’m crying.”

Tom let her go to my embrace and I almost dropped her surprised that she could not hold any of her weight.

She continued to sob as I held her. After some time She held my face in her hands, peered at me through tear soaked eyes and told me how much she loved me. I was confused, in love and extremely horny. All I could say was how beautiful she was and how much I wanted her. She said she wanted me too. I told her that I wanted to see her with Tom before she came to me. Laughing she said that she was okay with that too.

Her gown was not even off and already she had had the most powerful orgasm of her life at the hands of another man. And amazingly it was the biggest turn on of my life. We were definitely some place we had never been before.

Tom moved in behind her and we made a Lindi sandwich. She leaned back against him and tried kissing him from the side. I was inches from my wife’s face as she tried to consume this man’s tongue while he had his hands on her breasts. As he moved his hands down her gown to again touch her swollen lips, his hands slid against my erection. Surprisingly this did not bother me. It was nice. Not like Lindi touching me, but in the connection of friends sharing something very special. We were sharing my wife and so it was okay to be touched by him and I did not move away. I felt connected in a way that I had ever felt before.

I was a bit shocked, though, when after a while his hand left Lindi and caressed my bulge. He had gotten the wrong idea. I was uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do but neither did I want to stop my own focus on Lindi and what was happening between the two of them. He seemed to sense that this was not what I wanted and moved his hand back up to her breast. Lindi was lost in arousal. Seeing his hand on her breast was such a turn on for me and I pushed into Lindi. She moaned and in a dreamy voice said I liked that. I thought she meant me moving against her but Tom asked what she liked and she said, "I liked you touching him."

Oh Geez. I was in trouble. But Tom saved me and said “I don’t think he was all that crazy about it.” Good, I thought, off the hook. But in her dreamy voice she said, “but I thought we were on the new frontier where anything is possible?”

“Honey,” she said “Did you like it?”

“I don’t know. It was a little strange.”

“What, about any of this, is not stranger?”

She had a point. But why was she pushing this?
She turned around to face Tom and she pushed her beautiful bottom against my hard-on.

She kissed Tom deeply and wrapped herself around him.

She said that she wanted to see him naked.

I moved back and sat on the soffa and watched my wife slowly unbutton his shirt and remove it. After carresing his chest she moved down to unbuckled his belt. Before she undid his pants she ran her hands along his prominent bulge. Then she slid down and began kissing the front of his pants. This was a bit of a surprise because normally she is reluctant with anything close to oral sex. Next she unzipped him and with a bit of maneuvering managed to free his erection. I must admit that I had never been excited to see a man’s penis before, but this time I definitely was. That probably had to do with my wife’s delicate hands being wrapped around it and her face being inches from it.

With out hesitation she leaned forward and licked the precum from its tip, and then, as if she were an old pro, she slid the head into her mouth and mounded her appreciation into it. There was no doubt that this was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

She pulled off and said “Oh God! That is good!” This was my wife, who was only willing to reluctantly perform oral sex on special occasions, proclaiming her love of another mans cock?

Why was I finding this so exciting? I wondered. But I was way too turned on to ponder difficult questions.

Again she slurped down on it and again she came up saying how much she loved it.

Tom must have been thinking about cleaning catfish to keep from cuming. I knew that he probably would not be able to hold off for long and wondered what would happen if he came in Lindi’s mouth, something she had never allowed.

After a couple more mouthfuls she stood up and pointed out that she had never liked giving head before. I was back to feeling threatened by my wife’s new, and improved, lover. But I was also beside myself with her sexual energy and beauty. She came over to me and said, “Isn’t that weird?” “Yes” I agreed not wanting to elaborate on my own feelings of inadequacy. Before I knew it Lindi had planted a big passionate kiss on me and I could definitely taste him. I’m not sure why, but, for some reason, this turned me on even more. I returned her kiss and put my tongue in her mouth and I licked her lips. She pulled back and looked at me with a knowing expression and said, “you like it too don’t you?”

“I don’t know,” I stammered, more than a little confuse and embarrassed.

“That’s okay” said Tom, “new frontier.”

I sort of laughed and started trying to take Lindi’s gown off. She let me slip the top down. But then stopped me and said, "if you want to take it all the way off you have to suck Toms cock."

“No way” I protested.
“Then no more of this,” she said as she pulled the straps back up and tucked her breasts back into her gown.
“Honey, haven’t we gone far enough into the frontier for one night?”

“You want to see Tom Fuck me don’t you?”
“God yes!!! I do,” I panted.
“Well isn’t that further into the frontier?”
“Yes it is,” I admitted, “but that is different, you are used to being with a man.”
“I am used to being with ONE man. If you want to go further you must suck Tom.”
“What makes you think Tom wants me to do that?”
“The frontier was his idea. What do you say Tom?”
“Well, I don’t know. I’ve never been sucked by a man. I’m always up for something new, but I’d hate for someone to do something that they really didn’t want to.”
Lindi said “You will never know if you like it if you don’t try it. Besides didn’t you like tasting him when you kissed me?”

“Yes, but that was different. I liked the idea of him being in your mouth not mine.”

“Honey, I really want Tom to fuck me,” she teased. “Please suck his cock so I can then have it deep inside of me.”

I had never heard Lindi talk even remotely like this. I wasn't sure if she was doing it because for the affect and I didn't care. it was sending me over the top.

“Okay, but just for a second or two.”

Lindi wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply again. In a tone of voice I had not heard since she was a teenager she said, “Can you believe we are doing this?”

“No” I said “As a matter of fact, I can’t”

To stop my pouting Lindi slowly pulled her gown from her shoulders revealing her breasts and then slowly slid it down to her waste and asked if I would take it the rest of the way off. I stood behind her so that Tom could see her come into view and I slid the gown over her hips and let it drop to the ground. She stepped out of it and stood totally naked before us.

While Lindi had been convincing me to embark on a new and foreign lifestyle, Tom had removed the rest of his cloths. This made what lay before me seem all the more daunting. Though Tom was a good looking and very fit man, this was not enough to make me want what I was being asked to do. Nor was the fact that he was a good bit better endowed than myself and firmly erect.. Seeing Lindi naked before him though did seem to make the prospect a bit more enticing.

Tom was sitting in the chair and Lindi sidled up to him and stroked his cock. She said, “isn’t this a beautiful cock?” and as if she could not help herself, she lowered her mouth over it again with a loud “MMMMM”

She came up and said, “come on over here.” And she slid down it again. I moved closer and she kept sliding her mouth down over it. His shaft was wet. There is no doubt that watching my once oral sex adverse wife going down on this man’s cock was one hell of a turn on. Slowly I approached and soon my head was on level with hers as she continued to indulge herself on his large cock. She released it from her mouth and it jumped free. Seeing this cock spring from my wife’s mouth was so crudly erotic that it made the thought of putting him into my own mouth seem almost natural. She turned and kissed me with the fresh taste of him on her lips. His cock was an inch from my face and I was tasting him on my wife’s lips. I was ready to take the plunge but again she slid her mouth down his shaft while she cupped his balls in her little hands. And again she turned to kiss me. Now I could smell him as well as taste him. And again she engulfed him and turned to kiss me, except this time she did not pull entirely away from his cock so when I leaned in to kiss her his cock brushed my lips. I was intoxicated with the smell and taste of him on my wife. When she went down on him again and I leaned in I kissed her briefly and then took the head in my mouth. It felt strange but sexual and Lindi’s lips were there too. Lindi and I kissed passionately with him brushing between our lips. He was moaning and I was afraid that he was going to cum, but I did not want to stop until I had better experienced this. I though perhaps I was actually enjoying this. Finally I let him slip all the way inside my mouth and pushed down a few time. I emerged and took Lindi in my arms and kissed her passionately. I could feel her naked body against me and I could taste him. We kissed hotly for quite awhile as he looked on.

Lindi then slid down saying that I had been neglected and took me into her mouth. I did not let her stay there long as I did not want to cum yet. Tom then asked if he could try. Again I was reluctant but did not know how to say no and figured that If I could suck a man’s cock, letting him suck mine would be a piece of cake. He slid my cock into his moth and seemed to enjoy it. When Lindi slid down to kissed him around my cock I had to pull back right away to keep from loosing it.

When I move back, Tom took Lindi in his arms and she melted like I’ve never seen her melt before. Seeing their naked bodies intwined was amazing. She said that she wanted him to fuck her. I mentioned that we needed protection. It would have been best if we had not waited for this late moment to discuss this topic because we never have condoms, as we do not use them, and never expected to need them. Tom too had not considered the possibility that he might need one. He confessed that he had not been with anyone but his ex-wife since they were married ten years ago. He had not gotten back into the dating scene yet.

We were delirious with desire and unsure what to do. Meanwhile Tom and Lindi were moving against each other in passion. Tom lifted Lindi up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. He said at least we can do this and he went down on her. She almost immediately exploded again screaming out. As she calmed down Tom moved up and lay next to her so that her back was to his front as they laid on their sides spoon style. They lay like this for a while with him caressing her breast and kissing her shoulders. She was pushing her butt against him and I could tell that he was making the most of the contact with her checks.

In time it was too much for them and Lindi reached behind her and moved his cock between her legs but not inside her. He was moving against her and I could see their combined juices coating her. I knew that I should stop this, but it was so incredibly hot and I believed him that he had not been with anyone other than his wife for ten years. The only question was: had she been with anyone else?

Though he was not inside her, his cock had spread her lips and was against her opening and they would not be able to resist much longer. Nor did I want them to.

She asked him to lay on his back and she laid on top of him so that her back was to him and his cock was again sliding over her pussy. In her sex trance dreamy voice Lindi asked me to give her oral sex like this. Of course, there was no way to do this without also touching him. But at this point I was so horny that I would have given her anything that she asked for. Besides, hadn’t I already gotten past this hang up? Actually seeing his juices all over her pussy made it all the more inviting. I did not want her to have an immediate explosion so I licked her lips as he slid between them. The overwhelming smell and taste of their combined juices was incredible and soon I was engulfing both of them together in the most erotic act I’ve ever committed. Despite my best intentions she exploded again. I was concerned that the neighbors would call security.

He continued to slide slowly and gently against her until she worked her self back to a frenzy. This was more than I could take and I pushed him inside her. On the second stroke inside of her he screamed out and started cuming, which started her again. They were thrashing like wild animals. No doubt it was too late to make a difference but I pulled him out. By this time it did not seem that strange to be stoking another man’s cock as it erupted across my wife’s belly and shaved pussy.

They had both come but I had not. He collapsed next to her and she turned and tenderly kissed him. They smiled in the shared afterglow of an intense orgasm. She was gaping and leaking the elixir of their love. The room was pungent and I was in a state of absolute arousal. It occurred to me to push the limits of my new found abilities and drink the tonic, but I thought that might be more than I wanted to look back on. Lindi pulled me to her and asked if I wanted to fuck her. I crawled on her feeling his cum between us and I slipped easily in her. It was warm silky and luxurious. I moved slowly as the two of them continued to cuddle to the side. Lindi was moving between us kissing tenderly and affectionately. I was not able to hold that pace for long and soon I was pounding more passionately and again Lindi rose to the occasion and wrapped her legs around me. As is our usual pattern, when things get passionate we switched positions with her on top. As we were pounding away I could feel Tom’s hand between us. I was passed the point of being freaked out by anything. Soon Lindi bucked hard and came with a scream, which started my own orgasm. This was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I could not slam hard enough into Lindi. I was afraid that I might throw her off the bed, but she seemed to stay on with more resistance than I expected and she had a second orgasm on the heels of the first. Also, something that she had never done. I later learned that Tom had lubricated his fingers and pushed a finger in her butt. This had always been definite off limits. Though she likes butt play, Lindi had never allowed penetration. But for whatever reason when Tom stuck his well-lubricated finger in her it sent her into orgasm and when I was bucking against her Tom was pushing against us with his finger in her butt. This in turn triggered her second orgasm.

This had been the strangest most erotic night we had ever spent. We all drifted off to sleep as the sun was coming up, unsure of what emotions we would wake up to, but too exhausted to let it be a concern.

I fist opened my eyes around noon. Lindi’s naked body was draped face down half over Tom who was laying on his back with his arm around lindi and his hand on her ass. I was snuggled to her back. The sight stirred my morning erection but I fell back to sleep for another thirty minutes. When I woke Tom and Lindi were kissing and fondling each other. And I had been afraid that things would be awkward in the morning. We all made love again, showered and went to breakfast. Tom had to get back to his sister’s house and then head home. Unfortunately he lives about a thousand miles from us but we are keeping up by email and planning on taking a vacation together this summer.

Lindi and I have been working hard on dealing with this whirlwind of emotions. I can say that our sex life has never been better. Though I am still dealing with a good bit of uncertainty about the love that they feel for each other, I know that we will work it out and that things will continue to be good on the frontier. I think it’s going to be a very good year.


Sexie Sadie~ said...

What a wonderful story! I felt as if I was there, watching it all unfold. And now I am seriously turned on! Thanks :) xo~sadie

Bubbha said...

Thanks for peaking in. Thrilled to have excited you.